Helps with all aspects of the business. She takes care of the administration of Kamric by ordering all products and scheduling our workmen and contractors. She also works with our clients.

Works in the showroom and on displays. She also works with clients in the showroom and gets everything organized. Sandra works closely with our staging crew and helps stage the furniture and accessories.

Helps with the staging. She packs and unpacks everything. She also helps with the actual staging of accessories, furniture, and keeps everything organized in the warehouse.

Helps with staging as well. She packs and unpacks items. She also helps with the staging of a home.

He is key to Kamric staging. He and his team move furniture into the staging house and out of the staging house. He also works around the shop with everything that might be too heavy for anyone else to move.

She works on special commercial accounts and is the administrative assistant for this department. This job handles all facets of the commercial client we may be working on.